Southern Weekend Explorer Road trip

    Are you looking for a weekend getaway full of nature within driving distance from Perth? Look no further than our ‘Southern Weekend Explorer’ itinerary based in Collie! This itinerary is ideal for those who want to maximize exploration and minimize driving. Spend your long weekend basking in sparkling waters in this beautiful region – perfect for sun-soaked days!

Road Trip Summary

  • Day 1: Perth to Collie
  • Day 2: Wellington National Park
  • Day 3: Wellington National Park to Perth via Gnomesville

Trip distance

460 km

Trip duration

3 days

Recommended vehicle


Black Diamond Lake WA

Day 1: Perth to Collie via Black Diamond Lake

We recommend getting an early start from Perth so that you can be enjoying the lakes by lunchtime! Collie is the perfect spot for a weekend escape! This small town, located in South West of Western Australia and situated around 60km inland from Bunbury and 200km from Perth, is surrounded by stunning attractions. For a gorgeous start to your trip, Black Diamond Lake is a must-visit spot. This striking, bright blue swimming hole was once a mine site and it looks nothing like its former self. Have lunch by its shores and enjoy a dip in the lake surrounded by lush green trees. Unfortunately, camping is prohibited at Blake Diamond Lake. However, you can continue your road trip 14 km away to set up camp at Stockton Lake and enjoy yet another stunning water body and its offerings.

Day 2: Wellington National Park

If you forgot any food (or feel like an ice cream treat), don’t worry. Collie has a Coles! Drive out of Stockton Lake, through Collie (its only 8km away) and onto Wellington National Park. The Collie River flows through Wellington National Park and also feeds Wellington Dam inside the park. There are some amazing campsites and swimming spots inside this park. The most well-known would have to be the lovely ‘Honeymoon Pool’, shaded by overhanging peppermint trees. However, there are many places to visit as you drive around the park. Swimming spots such as ‘Long Pool’ and ‘Little Rock’ are perfect for afternoon dips. It is also worth visiting the rapids and the dam itself. There are a few different options for camping in Wellington National Park - so stay in the park tonight. Make sure to book your camp spot online before you visit as it is unlikely that you will find data reception in the park.

Wellington Dam National Park in Collie, Western Australia

Wellington Dam Fact

The dam is no longer used for drinking water due to high levels of salinity (due to water table rise), runoff from nearby towns and the fact that the dam is now used recreationally by kayakers and swimmers. It's still used for agricultural purposes.

Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley Western Australia

Day 3: Wellington National Park to Perth via Gnomesville

Given there is so much to see inside Wellington National Park, you can use the morning to explore anything you didn’t see the day before. Alternatively, you can spend your morning enjoying a relaxing float at Honeymoon Pool. We recommend leaving to head back to Perth by the early afternoon. On your way back to Perth, take a detour 23km south to ‘Gnomesville’ where you can find field upon field of… garden gnomes. Overtime visitors to this region have added more gnomes of all different kinds to the point that it is now getting ridiculous! If you’re organised you could bring your own gnome. Otherwise just enjoy the display of gnomes and have a laugh. After a quick stop at Gnomesville, you might also want to stop at the Bunbury Farmers Market to pick up some fresh produce and/ or treats. After this stop, it is time to head on back to Perth.

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